Mina Smart Mirror
Smart mirror

Mina Smart Mirror

Mina is a smart mirror developed for those over the age of 50 who have difficulty finding work, despite a wealth of experience, talent and competency in many areas. Mina…

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Countdown running

Sports, necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Commonly one finds it difficult to keep up a regular training habit. Therefore, Countdown running is initiated. A competitive running app using gamification to…

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Clarity offers a way for investors to measure their impact in a transparent and verifiable way. Gap the bridge between business, finance, and society. The founder, Martijn, has worked in…

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AOKI Clinical Intelligence

AOKI Clinical Intelligence develops a system that can identify bladder cancer instantly and non-invasively, minimizing treatment-time, stress and discomfort for the patient. The founder, Sander, wants to make medical diagnostics…

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Continuous certification

What if you don't have to repeat your certification process but can actually confirm you have the knowledge and know-how? Continuous learning and certification combined into one. Founder Rose Mary…

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Wubbol is a personalized sustainable product finder. Its mission is to accelerate informed purchase decision making. The founder Willem, believes that people can drive change trough the power of there…

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Pili is a two-sided marketplace that connects customers with service professionals providing convenience, transparency, and trust. Co-founders Lucas and Romit, are recent graduates from University with a masters in management…

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Project Hours Time Tracking

Project Hours is a cloud time tracking system with mobile apps for project teams. Projecthours.net now has some happy customers world-wide because of its ease of use and affordable pricing.…

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Kaloopa biedt tweedehands studieboeken aan. Dit is zo succesvol, dat oprichter Martin van den Bosch, ondernemer en investeerder, het groter en internationaal schaalbaar neer wil zetten. Hiervoor zoekt hij 1…

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Utilizing existing transportation capacities to create an efficient and cheap parcel delivery service. Founder Jan Casselette is a serial founder, as he's working on his second startup after selling his…

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